Save with Search in Mind

When you finally save your file (most likely a pdf), keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Graphic design software will give the option to flatten all layers, rendering every page of the pdf as a flattened image.  Search engines cannot and generally do not perform text searching on of such files.
  • If you have Adobe Acrobat (full version), be sure to “Save Optimized for Web.” This option compacts the file size when saving.
  • Give it a descriptive name, but not too lengthy- one you would most likely search for in Google or Bing.  For example, this photo (named photo_latest14.jpg on the website from which it was obtained)
    Orange Kittencould better be named:
    • orange-tabby-kitten-raised-paw.jpg
    • orange-kitten-paw-reaching.jpg 
  • If a date must be part of the filename, utilize YYYY-MM-DD format either prepended or appended to the rest of the filename for easier chronological/version sorting.  For example:
    • 2015-07-01-standard-operating-procedure.pdf
    • 2014-07-01-standard-operating-procedure.pdf
    • 2013-07-01-standard-operating-procedure.pdf


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